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Anyone with a connection to Jewish life in Ecuador -- past or present -- is encouraged to submit materials to the JOEs website.  Please submit all contributions via the form below.




"Jews of Ecuador" is the Web site for those of us born in República del Ecuador after our parents and grandparents found refuge there from Nazi Europe, or for those of us who were brought to Ecuador by their parents.  Most of us now live in other nations -- Israel, the United States, South Africa, and elsewhere -- but our early lives in Ecuador were formative and memorable.  We remember our childhoods and teen years with fondness, even as our parents and grandparents tried hard to integrate into Ecuadorian society and to start new lives in a foreign country, far removed from the cosmopolitan culture and continent of Europe from which they came.  

"Jews of Ecuador" is intended to be a repository of memories that will bring together the community of Jewish Ecuadorians who built new lives and families immediately before and after the Holocaust.

It is also intended to be as inclusive as possible.  Anyone with a connection to Jewish life in Ecuador is welcome to submit photographs, personal recollections, scanned copies of documents, move clips, and other memorabilia for inclusion on the site. 

Please also join the Jews of Ecuador Facebook group in order to communicate among JOEs around the world, or to share photographs, memories, news, etc.  Just click the Facebook icon at the top of this page to ask to join the group.

Note: This site is based on the old JOE's Web site, and many of the links in this new site -- for example, to the Web, articles, and photographs -- have been disabled over the years.  We are trying to re-establish those links -- but please bear with us, as some may not be recoverable.  Please contact us if you are able to assist in reconnecting  these disabled links.

Submit all contributions to Ralph Grunewald at, and he will be sure to upload your material. 

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