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Eva Zelig, a JOE and a New York City-based TV producer/filmmaker, produced and directed the first-ever documentary about the history of the Jews of Ecuador. Titled "An Unknown Country," the film traces the early roots of Ecuador's Jewish community, with special emphasis on the immigration of refugees from Nazi Europe and Holocaust survivors.

Through the exiles’ personal testimonies, the documentary chronicles their heartbreaking search for a country that would take them in when most had closed their doors. It sheds light on why Ecuador granted asylum to the refugees, and provides fresh insights as it shows the JOEs' struggles to build new lives while holding onto elements of their European culture. It also highlights the contributions JOEs made to the economic, scientific, artistic, and social life of their host country.

Visit the film's Website by clicking the button below to see a full-length trailer, as well as much more information about the film.

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