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"Jews of Ecuador" welcomes personal recollections from anyone with a connection to the history of the Jewish community in Ecuador.  Recollections are presented by author in alphabetical order.  In addition, certainGet in Touch communications among JOEs are included in this section -- all reminiscences of their lives in Ecuador.

Send recollections to Ralph Grunewald at

Gabriel E. Alexander -- #1

Gabriel Alexander -- #2

Werner & Gert Aron

Eva Balcazar

Heinz Grunewald

Gerda Sifnaghel Anders (nee Gumpel)

Cati Holland

Salomon Isacovici

Alfred Karger

Walter Karger

Pedro Lilienfeld

Werner Loval

Herbert Max

Moselio (Elio) Schaechter

Egon Schwarz

Boris (Bumy) Suster

Sylvia Wachsner

Benno Weiser-Baron

Benno Weiser-Varon

Harry Weissfisch

Else Wellisch

Various Others

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