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Our family arrived in Guayaquil in April 1939, and went directly to Puyo, where we raised cattle until the end of 1948.  Later, my father, Werner Aron wrote his memoirs for family and friends.  When he died suddenly in 1967, I completed the memoirs, and more than 20 years later we had them printed as a book under the title "The Halo of the Jungle."  The German version, called "Der Heiligenschein des Urwalds," is available as a manuscript.

Gert Aron -- "The Halo of the Jungle"

The "Halo of the Jungle" is the true story of the Aron family's forced emigration from Nazi Germany to Ecuador in 1939, and the 10 years they lived on their farm homestead in the eastern rainforest.

The Halo of the Jungle -- Ava

130 pages, 16 chapters, 27 photos & illustrations
$15.00 U.S. each, plus $3.00 shipping, add 6% sales tax in PA

Order direct from author. Send check or money order payable to:

Jean Aron

227 Kimport Ave.

Boalsburg, PA 16827

Note: See 14 images from "The Halo of the Jungle" in the "Photographs" section of the JOEs Web site.

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